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About the Project

Linklock is a design opportunity prototype based on our previous design research client magazine.


Check out our research on the ideal experience of bike safety as background for this project:

My Role


Video Editing

App prototype

Time Frame

1.5 weeks

Fall 2023

Tools Used


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects

Why Linklock?

From our ideal experience of bike safety research, we revealed three design opportunities. From these we opportunities we decided to prototype a smart lock and app combination.

Chosen Design Opportunity

01 Smart Lock

Opting to design a smart lock was our chosen direction, driven by the belief that it held the greatest potential to fulfill our framework, enabling users to take control without reliance on their destination.

Frame 14designop.png


We wanted our brand to reflect the ideal experience characteristics with the main focus on the emotion reassured.

Holding Hands
Frame 33colors.png

Logo sketches

Final logo


Linklock is a name representing the connection between the physical and digital product. A simplistic yet memorable name.


Blue instills a sense of calm, reassurance, and stability, while the vibrant green grabs your attention swiftly, ensuring a clear signal that your bike is securely locked.

Frame 35sekchlogo.png
Frame 34logos.png

Logo animation

Physical lock design

Linklock is an adaptation of a simple U Lock, designed to be sturdy and responsive. It comes in three minimal colorways to aid users in retrieving their bike or scooter.

render-withbike 3.png

Linklock App

This all-in-one app and lock combination helps users locate their bike in unfamiliar places so they can make informed decisions about where to park their bike or scooter.

3 - Design Process.png


Lock and unlock

Current status

Recent activity

Battery status

Frame 15home.png


Current lock location

Quick access to directions

Nearby bike racks

Safety ratings of parking 

Frame 16location.png


Manage bikes

Adjust alarm sensitivity

Turn on and off locking lights

Customize Bluetooth proximity

Frame 17profile.png
3 - Design Process.png
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