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Nimble Story


I helped with the development of new features for Throughline Inc’s internal website by conducting research, building wireframes, and creating prototypes based on user flows.

Time frame

4 weeks





Ena Sullivan

Jared Adams


Summer 2022

Research &

Before beginning to develop user flows, it was essential to research similar programs and ensure I had a grip on the existing Nimble Story site’s design.

One area of uncertainty I ran into at first was how the design was going to deal with existing plans versus adding new plans. This also led to the question of if the user should be able to choose from templates, make custom project plans, or even edit existing templates.

Although difficult, I was motivated to figure out a way to let the user have all of these capabilities as I thought they were necessary elements for the employees to use.

Wireframe Sketches


Final Prototype

Jumping from the rough wireframes into creating the pages in Figma, forced me to consider a broader range of details that didn’t seem as obvious previously -- such as the necessity of including a progress bar for the user to see where in the process they stand currently. I had expected the prototyping itself to prove more challenging than laying out the new pages in design with the existing pages. Yet the prototyping was relatively straightforward as a result of our user flowcharts.


The beginning user-testing stages did, however, cause debate over how the plans should be saved and allowed us to go back and make adjustments. The prototype featured below is the project planner design in the middle of user testing, before it was finalized.

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