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What Pasta Shape Are You?

About the Project

I crafted a marketing campaign for Noodles & Co. to showcase their latest dish offerings and the extensive assortment of pasta dishes through a microsite named "What Pasta Shape Are You?" I developed a functional prototype for this interactive quiz, ensuring compatibility across mobile, tablet, and web platforms.


I also had a lot of fun doodling pasta shapes and creating corresponding personality traits for each shape. As an avid pasta lover myself, I thoroughly enjoyed this mini project from start to finish and encourage you to find out your pasta personality :)

My Role

Solo project

Time Frame

2 Weeks

Spring 2023

Tools Used



Take the Quiz!

Follow the link to take the web version, or scan the QR code for the mobile version:

frame 1.png
Frame 4.png
Slide 16_9 - 17.png
Slide 16_9 - 16.png
Frame 5page.png

The Results Page

On the left, you can see the results pages as they appear on both mobile and web platforms.

These pages showcase your pasta personality description and key traits, along with recommended dishes from Noodles & Co. that match your identified pasta shape.

Naturally, there's also the option to discover other pasta types and their associated personalities, should you be curious.

As an integral component of the marketing campaign, the microsite encourages users to share their results on social media.

Prototype Video

If you didn't get a chance to try out the quiz yourself, here's a video walkthrough.

Social Campaign

Frame 6.png

The Secret Button Reveal

So at this point, you are probably wondering how I created an algorithm to decide what pasta shape you truly are...

But I am reluctant to reveal, "if you have ever touched a snake," actually has nothing to do with you being a macaroni noodle.

Screen Shot 2024-03-02 at 1.25_edited.jpg

The ONLY thing that determines your pasta shape is which part of the "done" button you click on 😮

Custom Document _ 17x11 in.png


Seeing friends, family, and classmates take the quiz and then convincing themselves that their pasta match truly reflected their personalities was quite the spectacle. The fun part was letting them in on the secret: the results were mostly down to chance, depending on where they clicked the 'done' button.


Looking back, I notice a few technical and animation details weren't perfect, but overall, this project was a blast. It even grabbed Noodles & Co's attention on social media, who appreciated the campaign!

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